1/600 WW2 Yugoslav Partisan Navy

YG2 PC-3 “Scampo” Partisan Gunboat Fishing boat with 2pdr ATG, 20mm and .50cal MGs…….$3.00

tigerfleet pc3 2

YG3 PC-22″Streljko”  Partisan Gunboat Fishing boat with 2pdr ATG, 20mm and 13mm MGs……$3.00

YG04  NB-4  “Topcider” Yugoslavian Partisan Armed Boat…………..$3.25

tiger fleet NB-4 Topčider

YG05  NB-5   “Ivan” Ex-US WW1 SC armed by Yugoslav Partisans…$3.25


YG06 NB-11 Crvena Zvezda( Tifi-A after capture )…$6.50

Yugo Tiger NB-11









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  1. Hi David,

    Long time, no….errr….correspond? Various other projects have gotten in the way since we last spoke, but I am now assembling some of the stuff I bought off you in 2018! I was wondering if there was anything in your Yugoslavian range (eg the Zvezda above) that could stand in as a Greek fishing caique, as used en masse for troop transport between the Greek islands by the Wehrmacht, and in ones and twos to land/recover SBS and other Allied raiding parties? I gather a UK company called SDD used to do one as part of its Yugoslav Partisan fleet, but sadly the range seems to have disappeared into a “black hole” since being bought by a chap in Scotland who owned a wargames company called Stronghold, but who has, unfortunately, never been heard of again. Shame, as they made some rip-roaring stuff.

    I also see that you no longer post to the UK. I have a couple of US contacts who would be happy to post anything on to me after receiving it from you, if that helps.

    Hope you are well and business is thriving. Stay safe and healthy!


    • Hi Brendan,
      The alternate shipping method could work. I have done this in the past where people or friends were visiting the US, shipping to a hotel even for one shipment.

      The “Q-Schooner” in the Merchant listing could work. You would need to round off the bow some and make more triangular sails ( if you made those)
      so far I have found ONE phono to the Greek Partisan Navy. They do not to seen to have the heavily armed flotillas that the Yugoslavians had but without much information I am guessing at that.

      Thanks for the inquiry!

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