15mm Armor

Introducing the PT Dockyard’s new line of 15mm armor. Given my interest in things unique, we are starting out with a long time favorite, the French Char D1. The D1 was the first tank put into series production by France after WW1. It was armed with a short SA34 47mm and a coaxial MG in the turret and a fixed MG in the bow. It was slow- about 11mph, and had 30mm of armor. Starting in 1931, 150 were produced. These later saw service in the fall of France (one battalion in June 1940) and was the main tank available (three battalions) to the resurgent French Army in Tunisia 1942-43. Here they again saw combat against German and Italian forces, one even knocking out a Pz IV with a shot to the turret ring! Starting in March of 1943, the D1 was replaced by Valentine III tanks in combat. This 9 piece kit comes molded in resin and is very easy to assemble. Just the thing to bolster (!?) your French troops in the Tunisian hills.


CDL 01 Renault Char D1……….$7.50

Next up is another favorite, the Russian 1916 Garford-Putilov Armored car

The main armament was a 76.2mm gun mounted in the turret, at the rear of the vehicle, with 270 degrees traverse. In the turret a 7.62 machine gun could also be fitted, and additional two Maxim machine guns were mounted in sponsons on both sides of the hull, firing forward and to the sides. The vehicle was tough but  pretty much confined to the roads, which of course limited its tactical value. Some 50 vehicles were made. It was perhaps the only armored car in the Russian Civil War available in numbers that could knock out tanks, and they were employed  by the Bolsheviks against the British tanks supplied to the Whites. First the Tsarist Army used it , then Reds and Whites and other involved factions, including the Latvians in their war to liberate themselves. Captured Garford-Putilovs were also employed by Poles and Germans, some of them put into use during the Civil War in Germany in 1918 and against their former Russian masters in the Russo-Polish War.

CDL-02       Garford-Putilov 1916 Armored Car…………………………………………………………………………$7.50

CDL-3  French 37 mm de Marine Anti-Char………………………………….$3.50

French 37mm ATGThis was a modified naval weapon used as an anti-tank gun by French Forces in Tunisia 1942-43. Thirty Six converted.


CDL-4 French S-40 with three man AMX turret/47mm SA37………$8.00

PTD S40 with orig.jpg

Thanks to my introduction a few years ago to the French magazine GBM, I have a renewed love of French “what if” tanks. So here is, let’s say, a “Monstre français de guerre intermédiaire!” There was a projected design for a three man turret for the Somua S-40. This would carry the excellent long SA-37 47mm gun, making this tank the rough equivalent to the Pz-III with the long 5cm gun.

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