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German S-151 S-boat under fire (Model by James Casey)

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UPDATE 9/10/22!!!  Now accepting UK orders!!

August 2022

New 1/1200
SL-80. Princess Julianna. Dutch 1935 Heavy cruiser design………$17
One of several configurations under consideration for an 8” cruiser, she has six 8” guns and nine 4.7” guns, all in triple turrets. She also has fight 40mm and eight 21” torpedo tubes.
PTD Princess Juliana Dutch CA

March 2022

SL-79 US Battleship Scheme IXB USS Vermont…………..$25
One of the preliminaries for the North Carolina, she has 8-14” in two quad turrets and 20-5” in single and twin turrets.
PTD USS Vermont

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