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German S-151 S-boat under fire (Model by James Casey)

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Well, the USPS does it too the Dockyard again. The new MINIMUM USPS international shipment rate ( yes, for a padded envelope weighing .8oz) is $13.50. When I started this gig, I could ship an order for $2-4. Unbelievable.
So.. effective immediately, all International orders under $80 will have a $10 shipping charge. Orders over $80.00 will be shipped free.
April 9, 2017

New 1/700!

SYR-1. Syrian “Tir ll” missile boat (ex Iranian boat with two C-802 Noor missiles)…………$3.50

Syrian Tir Fac


March 29 2017
New 1/600
New escorts for those East Coast coal convoys!
GB36 86′ Drifter 1941 (With 3pdr)……………$4.00
GB37 Roundtable Class M/S Trawler……….$6.50
Roundtable class trawler
December 31, 2016
Last releases for the year!
SL 63 Italian U.P.90 cruiser project ( with 6-10″ guns)…….$15.00 kit/$25.00 Complete
SL64 USCGC Travis Active class 125′ cutter circa 1943……$4.00kit /$7.50 complete
November 23, 2016
New 1/1200
SL-59 USS Portsmouth US “Never Were” CL Scheme 4C Design 389 (8-6″guns)…$15.00/$25.00
SL-60 USS Portsmouth US “Never Were” CL Scheme 4C with 4-12″ guns…$15.00/$25.00
This was a 1939 proposal by FDR to provide an 8000 ton CL with the capability to defend itself against German pocket battleships.

SL-59 (foreground) and SL 60

SL-61 US 1927 Destroyer design ( with 4-5″/25 and two sextuple torpedo tube mounts)….$5.50/$10.00
SL-62 Italian destroyer Premuda………..$6.50/$12.00


July 5

New 1/600 WW2 Boats!!!!!

GB-36 Campers & Nicholson MGB501………….$4.75

camper mgbline

JN-13 Seha-Tei- IJA Gunboat 3-20mm…………..$3.00
JN-14 Seni-Tei IJA Gunboat 1-37mm, 1 twin 20mm..$2.50

Japanese Seni-Tai 16M

GE-59 MNL Artillerie -design with 1-88mm, 20 &37mm- $5.50

Armed MNL
GE-60 G3161 WW1 patrol boat used in Crimea 1943…..$2.50

31st Geleitflottille_black sea


May 7, 2016

New Fury on the Lakes 1/600 Boats!

FLA-14 58′ Armored Motor Gunboat………$3.00
FLA-15 Mackinac Class Patrol Gunboat……$8.00
FLA-16 Scaup Class minesweeper…………$7.50

FLC-17 86′ Drifter w/ 2-14″ torpedoes……..$3.50
FLC-18 Hunt Class Minesweeper Sloop…….$10.00

PTD Mackinac and Drifter

FLA 15 Mackinac and FLC-17 86′ Drifter


Pictures of the masters for these new boats can be seen at the PT Dockyard Facebook page HERE


February 13, 2016

NEW! Free Fury on the Lakes Campaign Briefing and Scenarios!

PTD Armed Barge and Armored Coastal Monitor

US Armed Barge Mk1 and Canadian Armored Coastal Monitor


Fury on the Lakes- Background and Scenarios FREE!!

FOTL Scenarios

December 6, 2015

“Fury on the Lakes” Rules and Minis available December 7


November 3, 2015

Short update to the Fury on the Lakes page with preview shots of the new masters for the Great Lakes 1915-19

New May 3

CDL-3  French 37 mm de Marine Anti-Char………………………………….$3.50

PTD French ATG

PTD French ATG1

French 37mm ATG

This was a modified naval weapon used as an anti-tank gun by French Forces in Tunisia 1942-43. Thirty Six converted.

New April 25


SL-58  US Gibbs & Cox Small Destroyer Design 1941……………….$6.00/10.00 PTD Gibbs & Cox DD   New January 16


SL-57 USS Ticonderoga  US 1933 Battlecruiser Scheme B (12-12″ guns)    Kit $25.00/ Complete $46.00 PTD 1933 CB Information on this design can be found at http://www.battlecruisers.org/US1933BC.htm Re-issued! SL-48 US 1919 Sub Cruiser design(precursor to Narwal) Kit$5.00/Comp $8.25 PTD 1919 sub cruiser SL-49 Italian 1928 Sub Cruiser Coloniale class (steam powered with 2-twin 6″ turrets) Kit$6.00/Comp $11.00 Coloniale sub THE PT DOCKYARD Since 1997, The P.T. Dockyard has been producing 1/600 resin miniatures of World War 2 coastal craft. The Dockyard now offers over 200 different small craft miniatures from 1914 through today!

In addition, we have a select offering of unique 1/1200 ship models, aircraft and armor.


Dockyard convoy on the way to break the blockade!

Announcement December 7, 2014 To my valued friends and customers,

Looking back over the seventeen years the PT Dockyard has been in operation, the seascape that it supports has changed considerably. The coastal war gaming hobby, with justifiable pride, has benefited from this operation which has continually offered an ever growing line of coastal craft. Starting with about a dozen releases in 1997, these now span a time period from WW1 to today and have reached into other scales as well. In the vast majority of cases the models found here, not only the coastal craft but the 1/1200s and the others as well, cannot be found anywhere else in any scale. The offerings of the PT Dockyard number in the hundreds, something I find amazing.
But with the march of time come new challenges. The greatest challenge of late is the virtual blockade set up in the UK and Europe by exploding duties and taxes. Postage rates have become a burden as well, although these are mitigated by the simple fact that resin is very light, far lighter than metal. Still, postage today is 2-5X what is was when the first convoys of boats set sail in 1997.
  And the competition…well that is complicated. The demise of Skytrex was not exactly celebrated at the Dockyard. Even though there are a few frustrating errors in the line (the MAL standing in as an”F-lighter” being the worst offender), they made a number of craft that I had no desire to make, thus COMPLIMENTING the Dockyard line in many cases, not competing with it. The new incarnation is now somewhat shielded by the UK trade barriers and has expressed the desire to expand. Hmmmm……
One more factor I became aware of- a number of my customers, especially the 1/1200 collectors, don’t want to deal with “fiddly bits”. In the 17 years I have been doing this, my own ability to cope tiny parts  has stayed strong but not without effort. I have corresponded with a few that have needed some help or expressed frustration which means more are out there.
So, faced with new challenges and a virtual blockade of a major market, it is time to take action. Can I change the duties and ransom-like taxes to hold a package for pick-up, no. But, to the best of my ability, I can offset it and bring things into alignment.
Effective today, new pricing is in effect on all miniatures. This represents for the most part a 20% DECREASE ACROSS THE BOARD. Yes, you read this right..The PT Dockyard is lowering pricing on basically everything except rule sets. New product will be priced at this new benchmark. How? Hey, I work in manufacturing gentlemen. We lean out processes all day long, make things quicker for less effort while managing costs. The Dockyard operation in 2014 is far leaner than it was in 1997. Now is the time to get meaner… Part of this meanness was to send a handful of boats to the retirement pond, so you may see some gaps. Trust me– these are wallflowers that will not be missed.
In addition, the Shangri-La Ironworks 1/1200 will offer COMPLETED and PAINTED (basic colors) versions of all 1/1200 ships. These will obviously be at a higher cost as listed but will make it possible for many of you to enjoy models by the Ironworks without having to deal with the assembly.  Customized camouflage painting will considered on a case by case basis.
For 1/600, 1/700 and 1/1200, the PT Dockyard will also offer to discuss either assembly or customization/scratch builds that customers would want or masters with a small run of castings. These will also be considered on a case by case basis. Size is an issue as I am not capable of molding anything above 9-10″ long.
This genre, this market and this operation mean far too much personally to allow me to sit by and watch as a blockade inserts itself between the Dockyard and customers who, penalized by their governments for simply ordering some model boats, have to shift to other sources. I am always happy to discuss the models, the games and the hobby in general with all of you. There are a lot more craft to build and far too much fun to be had.
Hang on all. Secure all fittings and dog the hatches. Full speed ahead.