About the Dockyard and the models…

The PT Dockyard started out as way for me to fill in some holes in my new Skytrex 1/600 coastal collection. Tired of looking for old Fleetline 1/1200 coastals, the Skytrex kits came to my attention in 1992. Starting with German MFP “F-lighters”, I did a few of the oddball stuff like the Soviet MO4 and Italian MAS and cast them for my own use.
With the help of a good friend who taught me how to do RTV molds and urethane casting,  the Dockyard opened for business in 1997 with 12 boats. In selecting subjects, I have strived to fill gaps in the available miniatures for 1/600 coastal gamers. Additionally, I have an interest in the boats that were relatively unknown to those who study coastal warfare. Hence, you will find things like Romanian craft, Finnish MTBs,unique variants of German S-boats and coastal escorts, and Yugoslavian Partisan boats!
If you would like to see something in this scale, write! I am always open for suggestions and love to correspond with others in the hobby!
The Models
PT Dockyard miniatures come in kit form cast in white resin. The mold method will produce flash around the model which is thin and often removed before shipping. For some models (planes), the flash is left to help support it during the ministrations of various Postal Services around the globe.

PA2 Corsaro before painting

LCS-2 USS Freedom Kit

Small details are in a sheet of resin and need to be cut out with clippers (nail clippers work great) or a hobby knife.There may occasionally be a small air pocket ( I either fill these if I see them or scrap the boat) that fills easily with regular model putty.  Glue the parts together with a gel type super glue for the best results.

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