Here are some great coastal links!


Google book “The Dover Patrol” Excellent CMB Info

RN 80′ Elco Motor Launches

Polish River Flotillas 1919-1939

Italian coastal and combined ops in the Adriatic WW1

Austro-Hungarian River Flotillas 1914-1918

US Subchasers of WW1

Article on RN CMB attack on Bolshevik Naval Base 1919

RCW Living History group

Online book “The Great River War 1918-19”. The source of much of the RCW naval data for both rules and vessels

**NEW** German LM Boats in WW1


David Bruhn’s page on YP-craft

“At Close Quarters”- The definitive PT History FREE ONLINE!!

Coastal Command- Free WW2 Coastal Rules!

Site on British Power Boat MGBs and MGBs

Royal Navy 2nd MTB Flotilla in Hong Kong (many, many pictures) NEW!!!

PT Boat History and Development

Finnish Navy in WW2 (Corrected Link)

Canadian MTB Flotillas 1944-45

British Trawlers WW2

US Subchasers in WW2

Article on Yugoslavian Partisan Navy ( In German)

Yugoslav Partisan Navy

German Kriegsmarine Site

German Schnellboote site

Naval Actions on Lake Ladoga

Soviet Small craft (In Russian)

British Flower Class Corvettes

Elco PTs in the Channel

Dutch Navy in WW2 ( Much on MTBs)

RN Coastal Forces organization

NEW!! Excellent site on German landing craft


US Small Combattants

Global Security site. Great source on smaller navies

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