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WW2 Coastal Rules Flaklighter II………………………………………….$9.95 for PDF

Flaklighter II  is a comprehensive set of coastal miniatures rules covering all theaters of operations in WW2. The ruleset is designed for use with 1/600 scale naval miniatures . The goal of these rules is to provide an accurate and fast game that can be played in fifteen minutes to an hour, depending upon the number of craft involved.

All aspects of coastal warfare are covered in detail:

  • Movement and spotting
  • All types of gunfire, from light machine guns to 6” guns
  • Torpedoes, including rules for the various models of torpedoes used by different nations
  • Rockets and depth charges
  • Collisions and ramming
  • Aircraft and submarines
  • Optional rules including bluffing spotters and selective hit locations
  • Detailed data on coastal craft from the US, UK, Germany, Italy, USSR, Finland. France, Netherlands, Japan and more

NEW ADDITIONS in the Flaklighter II edition are:

  • Rules for large caliber gunfire
  • Rules for boarding
  • Expanded ship data charts with over fifty new coastal craft!

White Water, Red Tide: Rules for Riverine Combat in the Russian Civil War 1918-20……….$9.95 for PDF  White Water Red Tide is a comprehensive set of rules for river combat during the Russian Civil War. It is designed for 1/600 miniatures and covers combat on the rivers and lakes of Russia. Forces from White, Bolshevik and Royal Navy are covered as are land forces ( infantry, cavalry, artillery, armored vehicles and trains), aircraft, mines and torpedoes. The rule set is lavishly illustrated with scenarios and a painting guide

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Naval Actions of the Russian Civil War  Part 1&2- Article by Simon John Stokes

Naval Actions of the Russian Civil War Part 3

Naval Actions of the Russian Civil War- Part 4 ( Volga, Kama and Dvina actions and scenarios)


Here is a link to my old set of free rules

PT59 Elco 77′ Gunboat

These rules require the following grid

Here is a link to Rudy Scott Nelson’s excellent list of PT & MTB Scenarios

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